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10 Fun Things To Do in NYC

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Hearing the word New York opens a new world of imagination. You dive into your fantasy and imagine yourself walking on the city streets and living and experiencing the life you saw in movies.

New York is definitely on everyone’s bucket list. Don’t worry, you’ll not miss anything cause this article is here for your rescue. I’ll provide you with the perfect list you will need to plan your trip to New York.

Below is the list of 10 fun things to do in NYC. Discover the best places to make a beautiful memory that will stay with you for your lifetime. Isn’t this what we travel for, experiences and memories?

Fun things to do in nyc
By phakimata/ Unlimphotos

1. New York from the Eyes of Locals!

Who would know New York city better than the New Yorkers, who’s been living there ever since they were kids. they know everything about the place- fun things to do in NYC, what restaurants give the best food, which places are worth visiting and even about the places you wouldn’t even have heard about or found on the internet. Everything they tell or suggest you are tried and tested.

The best of New York city is what you’ll find in the most unexpected place. Talk to people, every person that you’ll find on the street has some story to share with you or some suggestion for what you must see.
Here’s what some New Yorkers would suggest you if you ever visit-

1.1 Explore the City by a Rented Ride

It’s fun and easier to explore something when you have your own ride. So, rent a bike or car and go wherever you want, the narrow streets, the small shops at the nook and corner of the city. What if you find something amazing?

1.2 Get out of Manhattan

People generally spend all their time in Manhattan, New York is very big and has many more beautiful places around than just in Manhattan.

1.3 A Walk in the Time Square

Time Square is an all-in-one destination. There’s everything restaurants, bars, museums, shopping, and malls. It is one of the most buoyant places in New York City and is even beautiful at night, lighting up the whole city with its charm.

1.4 Do not Forget the Central Park

Central park in midtown west is a place between nature is your must to visit. Having a picnic and a walking tour of the central park with your friends and family is a wonderful idea. Central park is not just a park with trees and lawns, it gives you more than that like- a central park zoo, ice skating, carriage and bike rides, a belvedere castle, a conservatory garden, and many more.

Central Park in early autumn. Central Park in the fall - New York, USA
By YuriArcurs/Unlimphotos

1.5 Take Subway

Local subway rides are always fun, cheaper, and faster. If you’re lucky enough, then maybe you can even spot famous New York actors and stars using public transport.

1.6 Amazing Street Art

NYC residents are quite talented and artistry. New York’s street walls are all painted with graffiti and amazing creations by artists. you can see these paintings in many places and one of them is, The Museum of Street Art (MoSA).

2. Low Budget? There are Still Plenty of Things for You

If you look closely, New York is not that expensive and there are still a lot of fun things to do in NYC to do for free or at a lot cheaper price while still having fun.

2.1 Cruise on Staten Island Ferry

Who would say no to a free cruise ride with a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty and watching the New York City skyline and city lights from the peaceful ocean and of course food and snacks 24/7?

Staten Island Ferry
by hanusst/ Unlimphotos

2.2 Movies in Bryant Park

Watching a movie under the stars with your partner or gang in a blanket sounds fun and romantic. isn’t it? If yes then you should definitely take your ride to Bryant park all the way through midtown Manhattan.

2.3 Stroll through Parks and Streets

The walk around the neighborhood doesn’t cost anything but gives a beautiful experience.

2.4 Free Museums

There are plenty of world-class museums in New York that are on certain days of the week free or at certain hours giving the facility of “pay what you wish.” All riding you through the history of New York City.

2.5 Free Fests and Events

Every day there are a lot of events happening in New York City and most of them are free. So, just look for them or ask a local New Yorker, they’ll know if there is anything around.

3. Concerts, Live Shows, Events, and Fests

New York is a quiet happening city, why wouldn’t it be, it is the place where dreams are made and fulfilled. And if you’re looking for some fun things to do in NYC then look no further. Events and fests are very common in New York City, somewhere or the other there would definitely be some performance or play.

Below are some which you shouldn’t miss if you are in New York City at that time-

3.1 St. Patrick’s Day (March)

Dress up in green and celebrate this Irish holiday by participating in the parade and then party all day long at various clubs and party houses.

pexels pressmaster 3851933 scaled
By Pressmaster/ Pexels. Copyrights 2018

3.2 Easter Parade (April)

New Yorkers march along 5th Avenue showcasing their bonnets to win the Easter Best Bonnet Festival

3.3 Shakespeare in the Park (May)

People can enjoy free outdoor plays performed by Famous Actors in Central park.

3.4 Summer Stage (May)

Live music concerts with 100 performances set in the open air of Central park and now other parks of all the 5 boroughs of New York City.

3.5 Celebrate Brooklyn (June)

Providing dance, music, theatre, film, and famous acts all through summer, presenting world-renowned icons, artists, and bands.

3.6 Pride Month (June)

Celebrating the progress made for the world’s most vibrant, thriving gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities along with a march down 5th Avenue.

pexels rosemary ketchum 2306779 scaled
By Rosemary Ketchum/ Pexels.

3.7 New York Philharmonic Orchestra (June)

A weeklong tour of the New York Philharmonic orchestra to the city parks through all 5 boroughs brings a classical vibe to the whole of New York City.

3.8 4th of July (July)

United States Independence is celebrated in New York City with glimmering fireworks illuminating the whole New York skyline and a hot dog eating contest

3.9 Thanksgiving Parade (November)

New York’s Thanksgiving Parade is a must-watch. It is amazingly beautiful with celebrity guests, bands, performers, and helium-filled characters floating in the blue sky.

4. New York’s Amazing Art, Culture, and History

New York City is amazing and so is its culture, art, and history. If you are really interested in knowing the York history of this amazing place then you must visit the revolutionary history, music and art museums, and galleries and you can even buy some of your historical artifacts from the museum store.

Add one more thing to your list of fun things to do in NYC and take an NYC architectural tour of its most famous and spectacular buildings.

4.1 American Natural History Museum and Rose Space Center

American Natural History Museum is really beautiful and has everything you need to know about America’s natural history, animals, precious fossils, and a variety of tours.

4.2 National Jazz Museum

One of the important music museums in New York, preserving the Jazz history of the place.

4.3 Museum of Modern Art (Free Friday nights)

MoMA is worth visiting if you are interested in watching and learning art.

4.4 Whitney Museum of American Art

  • Fridays: 7:00 pm-9:30 pm “pay what you wish”

It is a collection of contemporary American modern art. It is one of the important buildings in the preservation of American art. It also gives the facility to pay what you wish for specific timings.

4.5 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is a classic art museum and is hard to miss for any newcomer to New York.

4.6 Museum of Moving Image

It is a media museum located in Astoria, Queens. It has all the artifacts related to media, history, art, technology, and television.

4.7 Arcadia Earth

Take a virtual reality journey through Arcadia Earth, this virtual reality activity gives visitors details about our planet and the impact human activities have had on its future.

4.8 Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum

It is an American military and maritime history museum.

5. Things you Should Definitely Do, While in New York

There are a lot of fun things to do in NYC and there are some that you should not miss at all.

5.1 Location Tours/Bus Tour

Are you a big movie fan? Then, you would like to visit and take a bus tour to the famous filming locations and bring back all your favorite movie memory while you are on your bus tour to the streets where prominent movie scenes were shot.

pexels itzyphoto 3031255 scaled
By Itzyphoto/ Pexels. Copyrights 2019

5.2 Broadway Show

You should definitely catch a Broadway show when you are in New York and watch some famous shows right in the heart of New York.

5.3 Game at a Madison Square Garden

Catch a New York Knicks basketball game, if you can at the Madison square garden in Midtown Manhattan.

5.4 Blue Note jazz club

One of the most famous jazz venues in NYC is The Blue Note Jazz Club in Greenwich village. The Blue Note is an iconic band that plays their famous albums every night in the club.

5.5 Madame Tussauds

Watch and praise the skill and art of famous stars’ wax statue which seems quite real. Take pictures of George Washington, Joe Biden, Stan Lee, and many more.

5.6 Comedy Cellar

The best comedy club in New York is the iconic Comedy cellar. It has the top New York comedy performers who come and perform a stand-up show every night here.

6. Shopping Place

When you are visiting a place like New York you would like to take some beautiful souvenirs from NYC so that you can cherish them lifelong. Shopping is one of the top preferences for people looking for fun things to do in NYC. So these are some nice shopping places in New York.

6.1 Union Square

Union Square is a mega shopping district now. It has a number of shops having all kinds of things.

6.2 Upper West Side

In honor of Earth Day, the NYC Earth Day Bazaar at the indoor and open-air Grand Bazaar market on the Upper West Side features local artists and vintage/antique dealers with goods made from eco-conscious and recycled products.

6.3 Fifth Avenue

5th Avenue is also called the fashion avenue of New York. So, swing here to find some super chic fashion pieces for your wardrobe.

7. New York’s Seasonal Stuff

As the Seasons change, New York changes too and opens new opportunities for fun things in NYC.

7.1 Summer

Spending summer in New York gives a great advantage. You can go to beaches and sunbathe with great ocean views.

In summer, the temperature is pleasant in the evening and you can explore New York at night which is even more beautiful with all the lights.

You will find plenty of concerts around the city during summer and enjoy live music under the stars.

7.2 Fall

  • Watch Beautiful Leaf Drop

Head to some park like a central park or prospect park and watch the leaves fall it is beautiful. You might even get some lovely pictures

  • Join the Burlesque Festival

Tag along with the festival and enjoy live performances, get makeovers, costumes, and goodies.

  • Take Part in Halloween Events

With the arrival of Halloween, there are so many events happening around the big apple like visiting haunted mansions, pumpkin picking, and carving.

7.3 Winter

  • Christmas and New Year’s eve

With the arrival of winter, the city starts decking itself up for the festival. With the illuminating Christmas trees especially at the Rockefeller Centre and lights everywhere and the exhilarating New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square.

During the Lunar New Year which is also one of the best fun things to do in NYC, the city is flooded with colors, cultural performances, dances, and food

Take part in New York’s fashion week and get dressed like your favorite celebrities and stars.

7.4 Spring

  • Cherry Blossom Festival or Japanese Sakura Matsuri Festival (April)

The Blossoming of the cherry trees in Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is celebrated by a weekend-long festival of Japanese events, J-pop concerts, music, dance, and workshops.

Bond with strangers at the Washington Square Park sleepover while having a pillow fight and no doubt it is one of the fun things to do in NYC.

The baseball season in New York begins in April and if you are passionate about sports and are a big fan of The Yankees or The Mets then you might like to catch a game.

8. Get the Best Food in NYC

For foodies fun things to do in NYC are just to eat. There are many iconic New York food and restaurants that you should try before you leave New York so you have the best taste in your mouth along with the best taste in your heart.

8.1 Mulberry Street

Mulberry street bordering itself with some biggest NYC food places like Little Italy and Chinatown offers a great mix of food dishes and works as a central street between two big food streets.

8.2 Ninth Avenue International Food Festival (May)

Want all of New York’s best food in one place then take part in the international food festival which has all types of cuisine, food, and the most popular ones.

8.3 Miss Lily’s

The Jamaican restaurant, Miss Lily offers appetizing Caribbean food and DJ sets in East Village is every tourist’s stop.

9. Worth Visiting Famous Landmarks

New York has a whole lot of attractions that will account for your fun things to do in NYC but you can’t visit every one of them so here are some which are worth your time.

9.1 Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty and New York City skyline at dark
by cla78/ Unlimphotos

The World’s one of the seven wonders is situated at Ellis island in New York Harbor, Statue of Liberty is undoubtedly one of the fun things to do in NYC and is absolutely worth a visit for any newcomer in New York.

9.2 Empire State Building

If you are up for an NYC architecture tour then do not miss NYC’s most famous architectural example, Empire State Building, and don’t forget to view the spectacular Manhattan skyline from its observation deck.

9.3 Grand Central Station

Time lapse photo of blurred people walking through Grand Central Terminal train station in New York City with one recognizable woman standing alone in the center.
by graficallyminded/ Unlimphotos

Take a train at the grand central station, admire New York’s famous clock, and learn some historical lessons there.

9.4 Brooklyn Bridge

Looking for fun things to do in NYC then a walk on the Brooklyn bridge over the east river and eat at a most famous pizzeria, Grimaldi.

10. Who’s Up for Some Twist, Turn, and Adventure

Looking for some fun things to do in NYC and how much more fun it can be than to have adventures. These are some places where you can have an adventurous day in NYC.

10.1 Luna Park

Luna Park is an amusement park in Coney island, which have some great attractions, thundering coasters, and heart-pumping adventuring rides.

10.2 The Rink- Rockefeller Centre

Visiting The Rockefeller center is one of the fun things to do in NYC, and don’t forget to go to The Rink and try Roller skating trust me, it is as much as romantic as it is exciting.

Rockefeller Center at Christmas time
by phakimata/ Unlimphotos

10.3 Longest Slide in New York

How would it feel to ride the longest slide in NYC at the slide hill on governors island? There are so many other things to do at Governor’s island like the open orchard, bike rentals, may room and so much more.

10.4 White Water Raft

Exciting 17-mile River Rafting in the Hudson river between the peaceful water and calming nature is worth a try.

10.5 Helicopter Flight over New York City

New York looks more beautiful from the sky. Test your fear of heights with a helicopter ride over the city.

To know more fun things to do in NYC watch this youtube video to get a better idea.

In the End

New York is very enchanting and there’s a lot more to it other than this list. This is not even 5% of New York but would be enough for your 1st trip to the city and when you come back you will find more.

The more you visit, the more you fall in love with it and the more you’ll find fun things to do in NYC.

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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