December 4, 2023

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A family tradition, Fairview Food Market

Fairview Food Market old photos
Photos showing the history of the market line the walls of the store.

FAIRVIEW – Fairview is home to a business with a lot of tradition. A tradition of great service, a tradition of fairness, a tradition of family and a tradition of good food. Yes, the business I am speaking of is Fairview Food Market.

Ray Swartzendruber bought the Fairview Food Market in 1949 and ran it until the early 1980s. Ray was married to Iola (Miller) whose family ran the feed store.

Glen Swartzendruber took over the store from Ray and ran it until 2007 when his son and the present owner Dan Swartzendruber assumed the helm.

The Fairview Food Market was then and continues to be an independent grocer. They were IGA affiliated until the early 2000s and are now supplied by Spartan Nash which uses the house brand of Our Family.

Fairview Food was always known for great meat and Dan has not lost that tradition. There are in house meat cutters that can make personalized cuts upon request. The meats that they use are high quality Chairmans Reserve Choice which is an angus beef and known for its incredible marbling.

Fairview Food has won several awards for their smoked meats and continue to smoke their own making brisket, chicken, turkey and pork products.

Dan Swartzendruber
Dan Swartzendruber the current owner of Fairview Food, is a third-generation owner of the store.

There is a bakery on site making bread, fry cake donuts, pies and other delicacies fresh daily.

In June of 2019 a truck crashed into the south side of the building causing them to close until April of 2020.

Following the crash there were a lot of upgrades and expansions done to better serve the public giving us a better shopping experience. Checking out the website will bring up the current sale ad and you will find a link to their sky cam showing you the intersection in Fairview looking to the west.

Beautiful new coolers surround the fresh food area and the Smokehouse Cafe sets on the side of the room with comfortable chairs to relax a bit in and there is free WIFI available.

The Smokehouse Cafe has fresh soups daily, baked beans made with their smoked burnt end brisket, salad of the day, pizzas and the pizzas can be made with their in house smoked meats and there are many more items on the menu. There are fountain drinks and some excellent coffee blends as well.

The store offers online shopping with curbside pick-up and delivery is available within fifteen miles. The fresh fruits and vegetables are as good as you can find anywhere and include local and Michigan products as often as supply will allow.

As a member of the Fairview Business Association, they support local events such as Winter in Fairview, Movies in the Park and the Christmas Tree Lighting.