February 22, 2024

Food Art

Moments of Making, One Bite at a Time

A feast of global culinary talent

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Feb 02, 2024 11:25 IST

Tokyo [Japan], February 2 (ANI): Sushi is one of the most famous dishes all over the world.
At the beginning of the worldwide sushi boom, the treatment of raw fish was not necessarily perfect. To overcome this situation, Japanese sushi experts walk around the world to teach the correct treatment of raw fish, keeping traditional sushi cooking in check.
A competition between international Sushi chefs to inherit real sushi culture is called the World Sushi Cup.
This year fifteen chefs from various regions and countries participated in the sushi competition.
This competition was held to improve the skill of sushi chefs around the world and to promote sushi culture of Japan.
The Member of the House of Councillors, Satsuki Katayama said, “Including Sushi, Japanese food become the United Nation’s heritage. Through charm of Sushi food, we had like to reinforce our friendship with various countries, because when eating good food, everybody is happy, friendly.”
This year, 15 finalists from 8 countries competed in the event. Judges marked points on each finalist’s creative sushi.

The World Sushi Cup evaluated normal sushi cooking while also decoratively creating sushi for each finalist.
Creative sushi reflects each finalist’s image and the country’s culture. In the long history of Sushi Cup, cacao-tasting sushi was presented by a Belgian sushi chef.
Sushi culture strengthens ties between Japan and Norway. Current sushi treats salmon.
The spread of Japanese sushi culture accelerated the export of Norwegian salmon. A Norwegian person was nominated as one of the judges.
Norwegian Embassy member, Johan Khabheim said, “Sushi is getting more and more popular, and especially among the young people, it’s trendy, it’s healthy, it’s convenient. And the Japanese image of it is very important. Also, in Norway, a Portuguese chef won the World Championship event this time.”
Portugal Winner, Jefferson Eliasribeiro Da Silva said, “I tried to make sushi like my teacher, but I couldn’t do it well. I also want to apply Japanese skills to my country and improve my sushi skills. I want to get closer to that skill.”
“As a global meal, I am confident that Sushi will raise the cooker’s sanitary treatment and taste. We look forward to your success in the future. The history of the World Sushi Cup proves how the real global sushi boom elevates sushi skill and creates a fusion of country’s meal cultures,” Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Kentaro Hara said. (ANI)


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