December 4, 2023

Food Bazaar

Get In My Food Bazaar

BazaAr International has contributed food and funding to Ukraine

In 1990 a family from Moldavia and a family from Ukraine immigrated to the Brookline area to live in a democracy that allowed freedom of speech. Though both families were grateful to live in the USA, they yearned for familiar foods. In 1993 they opened the BazaAr International grocery store on Beacon Street in Coolidge Corner. They lined the shelves with European foods that they loved. Eventually they opened three more grocery stores in Framingham, Newton, and Allston.  

Wicked Local

As you can imagine, the invasion of Ukraine weighs heavy. Still reeling from the pandemic, BazaAr International has contributed food and funding to Ukraine. This is a challenging time for all, especially for those with Ukrainian roots.  

BazaAr International is an important Town resource for those who have immigrated from Europe and want to purchase food from their place of birth. This neighborhood grocery store is also a treasure for everyone who walks through their door and steps into a scene reminiscent of Europe. As in many grocery stores, you’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly baked breads with no artificial preservatives, grab and go meals, frozen foods, meats, fish, and cheeses.