November 30, 2023

Food Bazaar

Get In My Food Bazaar

Bustling Raja Bazaar lures all alike

Just imagine Raja Bazaar and there you are with your shopping bag, exploring every inch of the full of life marketplace on either side of the main road, something, which old-timers in the area would never want to close their eyes to.

This bustling bazaar lures the old and young alike. This bazaar has a scent of the new-age gentle wind, making it a favorite place for the fashionable, young generation as well,” says Auj-e-Zehra.

“The bazaar has no starting point and no end. This is what I sensed each time I visited it. If you stroll through the bazaar, you will come to know it all. Vendors, desi restaurants, and fast food joints have kept the aroma of old Raja Bazaar alive, but adding the additional vitality are modern shops and stores, inviting the young and old alike,” says Parsa Batool. “The bazaar covers a number of business sectors: the Sabzi Mandi, Masala Bazaar, Kapra Bazaar, Lakar Bazaar, and other private ventures. The regional Headquarters Hospital Rawalpindi, associated with Rawalpindi Medical College, provides essential medical services to the inhabitants of the old city,” says Shabeeh Haider.

“Raja Bazaar is famous for its food. Its healthy offerings like nihari and naan, kulcha, bakar khani, fish, the customary halwa puri with aloo channey and so on are well known,” says Zamin Abbas. “Raja Bazaar has a number of wholesale markets. Retailers purchase products from here to sell them at their shops for profit. You can find almost everything here from clothing to shoes and from electric supplies to decor items. There are a number of businesses running for generations here: shoes, furniture, books, and so forth,” says Zafir Ali.

“Raja Bazaar is also excellent in terms of affordability. As the bazaar is highly overcrowded, you must not take a bigger vehicle. Walk along the narrow, bustling streets of The Raja Bazaar to find an amazing range of goods on offer,” says Qasim Hasan. “From clothing and cosmetics to household items, you can find practically everything at very low prices. When buying, you should haggle in order to get the best possible price,” says Anmol Fatima.

“The bazaar has everything like fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and stocks of beetle leaves. There is also the all-time favorite Bara Market to the cool fast-food joints and eat-outs. Exquisite saree shops, sweet stalls, mobile accessory stores, jewelry stores, ice cream parlors, and much more,” says Shameer Ali. Manzar Zaidi says, “It is one of the premium shopping destinations in the city. People fondly visit its retail clothing stores, which have a variety of local and international brands. The clothes shopping area is the most interesting which offers unique textiles and prints. The food court is extensive and there are excellent dining restaurants that serve terrific local delicacies.”