November 27, 2023

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Central Beach Bazaar At Sentosa To Open In September 2022

An 80-metre-high Sentosa SkyJet, a refresh of the iconic Sentosa Musical Fountain from the 1980s, and an international food street – these are the exciting new attractions that’s in store for us at Sentosa this September. 

Called the Central Beach Bazaar, this new lifestyle offering by the Mount Faber Lifestyle Group will be situated just steps away from Sentosa’s Beach Station. One more attraction, which will feature simulation rides and carnival games in upcycled shipping containers, will be announced at a later date. 

In the meantime, here’s what you can expect when September rolls around. 

A magnificent fountain against the Sentosa skyline

The upcoming Sentosa SkyJet will stand at 80 metres tall, equivalent to a 24-storey building. When it’s up, it will be the tallest fountain in Southeast Asia. 

Situated beside the stage for Wings of Time, the Sentosa SkyJet will complement the outdoor night show’s symphony of water jets, laser light projections and pyrotechnics. When night falls, its graceful plume will be illuminated by LED lights, providing a picture-worthy spectacle against the evening sky. 

Sentosa Musical Fountain
Photograph: Mount Faber Leisure GroupSentosa Musical Fountain

The return of a beloved fountain show 

The Musical Fountain was one of Sentosa’s most iconic shows in the early 1980s. In September, Central Beach Bazaar is bringing it back refreshed and better than ever. 

Operating from the existing Wings of Time stage, the Sentosa Musical Fountain features two five-minute performances. Enjoy nostalgic musical numbers from the 1990s, like Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me and Walking on Sunshine; or indulge in some national pride with songs like Home and Count on Me Singapore. 

Entry to the Sentosa SkyJet and Sentosa Musical Fountain is complimentary with a minimum spend of $5 at the International Food Street.

Street food from around the world

Do you travel to eat? Now you can enjoy delectable street food from all over the world in one place – at the International Food Street. Food trucks, kombi vans and upcycled shipping containers will house eight F&B concepts, with cuisines inspired by cities like London, Tokyo, and Mexico. 

Enjoy lobster rolls and bangers and mash from the British-themed Chipper Roll; fusion Mexican treats like Tandoori chicken tortillas and chicken chilli con carne quesadillas from Taco Pau; and tasty Japanese skewers from Bentori – all to panoramic beachside views. 

International Food Street
Photograph: Mount Faber Leisure GroupInternational Food Street

More fun after sundown

We’re staying tuned for more updates about the last new attraction, which will offer a mix of carnival games and simulated ride experiences. 

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the Wings of Time Night show, which recently reopened with upgraded pyrotechnic effects, new pre-show projections, and an even more spectacular finale. To enjoy 10 percent off your booking, book through MFLG’s website

For more information on Central Beach Bazaar, visit the official webpage here


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