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Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin’s Relationship Timeline

Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin wasn’t looking for love when she met Dylan Sprouse. “I was kind of scared. I was single for like, so long before we started dating,” she revealed while talking to her longtime love in a video for British Vogue in 2020. “And, I was very scared… I had this thought in the back, like, ‘Oh, but wait… Are we going to get paparazzi’ed all the time? Should I be worried? Do I have to dress nice from now on? Do I have to, like, get ready every morning?’”

As it turned out, she had nothing to worry about. “With Dylan, everything seemed so easy,” she would later tell W of their relationship. “We had the same interests, and jokes were hitting at the right spot, and he didn’t think I was disgusting or anything,” she joked. “Well, not so fast on that last part,” Sprouse teased back.

Now, after nearly three years together, the pair is totally in sync—something they discovered while quarantining together during the COVID-19 pandemic. “What we’ve come out noticing is that we’re super compatible,” Sprouse told ET in May 2020. “It’s like we know when to give each other space. We know when the other needs space. So, I think our relationship is stronger than ever.”

Keep reading to find out more about their relationship milestones, from their first kiss to their first apartment.

  • Palvin flew to China to meet Sprouse for their first date.
  • The Victoria’s Secret Angel told the world she was in love just five months into their relationship.
  • Despite their closeness, Palvin didn’t meet her boyfriend’s twin brother for nearly a year.
  • The couple will celebrate their anniversary on June 16.

Early 2017: Sharing Some Laughs

The pair first made each other’s acquaintance at a Harper’s Bazaar party, according to Sprouse. “I cracked jokes, she cracked jokes, and we clicked,” he told Page Six in September 2018 of their meet-cute.

August 2017: Slow Burn

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin’s romance progressed like many modern couples’ do: with a DM. However, it took the Hungarian beauty a little while to roll the dice on their love. “She followed me [on Instagram], so I was like, ‘I guess I’ll give her something.’ And I slid into her DMs,” Sprouse told W in February 2019 of their initial flirtation. “I was like, ‘Hey, I don’t know if you’re in New York for very long, but we should hang out if you want to. Here’s my number.’ And she didn’t message me for six months.”

Palvin explained, “I knew I wasn’t in a good mind-set at the time, and maybe deep inside I knew that it could be something more.”

May 2018: A Leap of Faith

Palvin more than made up for her delayed response with the couple’s first meet-up, however. “I kind of flew to China to see him, just after talking for three months,” the supermodel told PEOPLE in May 2019. I was supposed to work in China, and then they canceled the job. I was like, ‘Do you think that’s crazy that I still want to go and see you?’, cause I was so excited.” Luckily for her, Sprouse didn’t think the suggestion was outlandish at all. “He’s like, ‘Please come,’” she said.

Their leap of faith proved worthwhile: Palvin said she knew the actor was her perfect match from “the first minute” they met—and the feeling was seemingly mutual. “For a month, he was like, asking me to be exclusive, and I was like, ‘No, I gotta get to know you more,'” she laughed. “And [then] I was like, okay, let’s do it.’ I just sat down, took a deep breath, and I’m like, ‘What am I waiting for? There’s no other guy I would love more than I love him and he’s got everything that I need.’”

June 16, 2018: It’s Official

According to the Hercules actress’s one-year anniversary post, the twosome officially became a couple on June 16, 2018.

July 20, 2018: Dropping Hints

Fans caught on to the fact that the pair were hanging out when Sprouse reportedly posted a now-deleted photograph of himself with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit alum in Russia during the 2018 World Cup. He also shared a series of pictures of himself and Palvin snuggling up together and traveling back to New York in his Instagram Stories.

July 24, 2018: Stepping Out

Sprouse and Palvin caused a stir in July 2018 when they stepped out together at the Roxy Cinema in New York City to catch the film premiere of Puzzle.

2018: Late Night Lip-Lock

Palvin recalled the couple’s first kiss in a video for British Vogue that showcased the pair talking over dinner ahead of Valentine’s Day in 2020. Sprouse brought up their moment of passion while observing that his significant other doesn’t always like to share her food. “The first night, and in a single bite, you ate a third of my burrito,” he lamented. “And then you asked me to kiss you! That was our first kiss! After you horked down one third of my burrito!”

Palvin defended herself, saying, “It was already, like, what, like, 3 a.m.? I had to take control, okay, ‘cause you wouldn’t kiss me!” she exclaimed to her boyfriend. “We’d been talking and texting for four months and I was like, ‘Are you going to kiss me or what?'” 

August 4, 2018: Birthday Boy

Sprouse made his Instagram debut on his girlfriend’s page on his 26th birthday. “Even though it’s your birthday I feel I just got the biggest present of all ♥️🤗Happy birthday Boss Baby 🎂” Palvin captioned a cute shot of the pair smiling for the camera.

August 2018: Meeting the Parents

Not only did Sprouse travel to his lady’s hometown in Budapest, Hungary, to meet her rents in August 2018, he later told W that he did his best to find a way to communicate with them. “I wasn’t nervous to meet her parents, but the truth is that there is a language barrier, obviously,” he said in the interview. “Her mother speaks a very tiny bit [of English], and I am not proficient in Hungarian. I’m trying, but learning is definitely an overstatement.”

September 6, 2018: Hollywood Debut

The pair hit their first red (er, black), carpet on September 6, 2018, for the launch of the book Angels by Russell James. They made the most of their outing, too, posing together with Sprouse’s arm around his lady’s waist.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

October 31, 2018: Playing Dress-Up

For the duo’s first Halloween together, they attended the spookiest bash in town—Heidi Klum’s 19th Annual Halloween party—dressed up as Dragon Ball Z characters.

The Stewart of New York/Getty Images

November 8, 2018: A Standing O

Palvin walked her first Victoria’s Secret fashion show since 2012 in November 2018, and her partner was right there in the front row to cheer her on—in fact, he gave her a standing ovation, sweetly putting a hand over his heart. He also had a special surprise waiting for her after the show: burgers from Shake Shack.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

November 11, 2018: That’s A’more

Palvin admitted she was head over heels for her boyfriend of five months in a November 2018 video for Vogue Australia. “I was single for six years. It did pay off,” she mused. “Because I feel like I’ve found the perfect guy. He’s very kind and gentle.” She continued, “I’m very much in love right now. It’s a very good feeling.”

January 2019: Shacking Up

The couple took the next step in their relationship in January 2019, moving in to their first Brooklyn apartment together in New York. “We moved in we only had four mental breakdowns!” Sprouse reportedly joked in a now-deleted photo of himself and Palvin.

The model also shared a snap with the Wizards of Waverly Place star in their new digs, writing, “Two worms officially in the Big Apple.”

February 8, 2019: It Takes Two

The couple gave a revealing joint interview to W in February 2019, in which they discussed everything from how they met to who the better cook is in their relationship. “We actually both cook,” Sprouse said. “She’s better than me.” To that, Palvin argued, “No, I just cook more. But he’s better. I know how to cook with few ingredients and make it healthy, because that’s what I had to do for VS. But when he cooks, he uses everything yummy and unhealthy, so his always tastes better. I’m like, ‘Here’s broccoli and cauliflower soup made with water!’”

February 14, 2019: New Traditions 

The twosome opened up about their first Valentine’s Day plans to The Daily just ahead of the romantic holiday.We’ll probably get really, really sexy,” Sprouse suggested. Palvin, meanwhile, revealed a sweet new tradition the duo planned to implement. “We got each other presents for Valentine’s Day and we got a little eager and couldn’t wait. So we gave each other our presents,” she explained. “One of mine was a cookbook, so we decided to pick one dish from the cookbook, which we’ll make on Valentine’s Day and every Valentine’s Day in the future.”

February 24, 2019: A Family Affair

Later that month, the couple hit a new milestone when Palvin finally met her boyfriend’s identical twin brother, Cole Sprouse, as the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars party. Dylan addressed the delayed meetup in the couple’s W interview, saying, “Cole works in Vancouver. He’s a very busy guy.”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

March 2019: Showing Support

Sprouse had nothing but praise for his partner upon the announcement that she had officially gotten her wings as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in March 2019. According to Harper’s Bazaar, he shared a photo of himself and the brand’s latest face, who was throwing up a middle finger. “Here’s to the people who tried to drag her down, cheers!” he reportedly captioned the now-deleted shot.

The outlet reported that Sprouse also shared a few more sentimental snaps, with one reading, “@victoriassecret’s newest angel, very proud of you miss. Hard work pays off 💪,” and another that said, “The missus has a big announcement, officially a VS angel! Proud of all the work you’ve done leading up to this and here’s to more years of success and a little less Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.”

June 16, 2019: Reason to Celebrate

Palvin’s one-year anniversary message to her beau was short but sweet. “Happy anniversary. I love you,” she captioned a series of photos of the pair together.

June 16, 2020: Triplets? 

The lovebirds celebrated another trip around the sun together on June 16, 2020. Sprouse marked the occasion with a snapshot of the couple on a picturesque hike. “Happy two year anniversary,” he wrote via Twitter. The Disney alum also made a joke about his likeness to someone other than his identical twin Cole—Palvin. “Here’s to us looking more alike with each passing year until we’re a single beast with four arms and four legs that runs at a top speed of 50mph and screams like a baboon at nearby travelers trespassing into our woods,” he wrote. “To many more!

May 19, 2020: A Proud Moment

In May 2020, it was Palvin’s turn to gush over her significant other’s accomplishments, which she did with a sweet post celebrating the release of Sprouse’s first comic book, Suneater.  “It is so inspiring to watch you achieve your dreams/goals!” she wrote, adding, “Proud of you ♥”

Sprouse, for his part, later told ET that he couldn’t have done it without the model and her feedback—he even wrote her into the story. “I’ve actually written a character that has a lot of her own insights inside of it, too,” he shared.

May 28, 2020: Growing Closer

Sprouse opened up to ET in May 2020 about how he and Palvin were navigating quarantine in May 2020. “We’ve already divided labor around the house in certain ways,” he said. “There’s things we do in the morning, there’s things we do at night.”

The result? A closer-than-ever bond. “Quarantine has really brought us together in a good way,” he told the outlet, “I’ll hear the opposite recently, and we just kind of look at each other and are like, ‘I’m just really thankful that that’s not the case with us right now.'”

August 18, 2020: An Inside Look

On August 18, 2020, Sprouse and Palvin treated fans to the first episode of a mini-series called “Breaking Ground” that gave viewers an inside look at their relationship. The first episode saw the duo eating ice cream in a car and exploring the great outdoors while debating the merits of buying a cabin. The couple ended their series on March 2, 2021.

September 2021: Heading West

In September 2021, Palvin revealed to E! News that she and Sprouse were packing up shop at their Brooklyn apartment and headed to Tinsel Town. “We are currently moving to L.A. so it’s kind of like saying goodbye to the city,” she told the outlet while attending the Revolve Gallery at New York Fashion Week.

October 8, 2021: Getting Gushy

Sprouse got mushy while raving over his girlfriend on her 28th birthday. “Very proud and excited to be on this journey with you,” he wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post per PEOPLE. “You grow greater with each passing year and I can’t wait to see what this new chapter holds for us. I’ll save the mushy stuff for when I see you after filming 🍻 ❤”

May 22, 2022: Batter up!

Sprouse took his girlfriend to her first-ever baseball game in May 2022. “And what a game it was!” Palvin wrote on Instagram of the Red Sox vs. Seattle Mariners match-up the pair caught at Fenway Park in Boston. The couple even dressed up for the occasion, with Sprouse in a Jason Varitex jersey and Palvin rocking one for David Ortiz.  

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody alum also posted about the game with a cute photo that showed him putting his arm around her, writing, “Had a blast yesterday at the @redsox game. First time seeing Fenway and the Red Sox won with a walk-off grand slam. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.”