November 27, 2023

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HungerMitao enables 500,000 meals in 2022 Spring Food Drive

Channeling Indian American community’s contributions, it has enabled over 40 million meals for the needy in the US

With over half a million meals through volunteering, food drives and funds raised across the US by the Indian American community during its 2022 Spring Food Drive, the HungerMitao movement has enabled over 40 million nutritious meals.

“We can’t be more proud of our four million strong Indian diaspora in US for joining the HungerMitao movement; and through the movement enabling over 40 million nutritious meals for food challenged children, seniors, veterans and families in need across the United States,” says Raj Asava, co-founder of HungerMitao.

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The numbers from across the country of the recently concluded HungerMitao 2022 Spring Food Drive further validates the spirit of giving by the Indian American community, the volunteer-driven “wipe out hunger” movement, said in a press release.

2022 annual HungerMitao Spring Food Drive turned out to be another successful drive that yielded over half a million Nutritious Meals through volunteering, food drives and funds raised across the United States by the Indian American community, it said.

“We thank everyone for their spirit of ‘Give Where You Live’, and thank you Feeding America and Food Banks for all that you do to ensure nutritious food is made available to the needy across all the zip codes in the US,” Aradhana (Anna) Asava, co-founder HungerMitao, added.

HungerMitao champion from New York City Sai Annapurna Patibandla shared, “Hunger is a feeling that I cannot seem to bear even during a self-imposed fasting period for just a part of a day.

“So, what about people that are hungry because they do not have access to food for several days or do not know where the next meal is coming from? This is what drives me to get involved in a charitable activity that aims in wiping out hunger,” Patibandla said.

“The experience as a champion of HungerMitao has been short, but is central to understanding the role I could play in society and improve my own self esteem. This is not just helping the needy but also help my own growth and satisfaction.”

HungerMitao channels resources and contributions of the Indian American community towards fighting hunger through the Feeding America network of food banks.

Besides Feeding America, the food banks that participated in this year’s HungerMitao Spring Food Drive are: Seattle Food Lifeline, Food Bank For New York City, Houston Food Bank, North Texas Food Bank, Metrocrest Services in Dallas, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Tarrant Area Food Bank, Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan Community, Food Bank of New Jersey, SF-Marin Food Bank, and Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.

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HungerMitao conducts two national level food drives each year. One in March, as a celebration of the various spring festivals of India.

The second food drive is in August, commemorating India’s Independence month. These drives serve as an opportunity to combine our resources and make an impact as a unified Indian American community in our adopted land.

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