December 1, 2023

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Julianne Moore on Her Hourglass Campaign with Daughter Liv

On the running list of celebrity mother-daughter pairs who look like twins, Julianne Moore and her 20-year-old daughter, Liv Freundlich, rank pretty high. And the two look more alike than ever in their campaign for Hourglass Cosmetics. “Liv has never shot anything like this, and so like any parent, I was worried for her,” the 61-year-old actress tells “But she nailed it, and we both really encouraged each other.”

The “We Glow” campaign kicks off the partnership with the actress and celebrates the brand’s new Ambient Soft Glow Foundation. The campaign follows Moore and Freundlich, along with four other mother-daughter duos, as they share what gives them that lit-from-within effect. “Connection is what feeds us and keeps us alive, and that’s what this campaign is all about—the glow from being with people you love,” Moore says.

Ahead, Moore spills what beauty products are in her bag, the Instagram account she secretly scrolls, and, crucially, why she stands up for gun safety.

How does it feel to be starring in this Hourglass campaign with your daughter?

I was so flattered when Hourglass approached me, because it’s such a wonderful brand and carries such high-level, luxurious makeup. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and [has a] female founder. But it’s also small, it felt considerate and thoughtful.

I loved the campaign. I liked that it was inspired by being awake and how we light up when we’re with someone that we care about and love. It shows how important relationships are and to get away from the whole narrative about aging; there’s no good way or bad way about going about it and that you are who you are. One day you’re 20, and then you’re 40, and then you’re 60, and then you’re 80, and then hopefully keep going.

Is there anything about aging that has surprised you?

That it’s all good. There’s such a narrative that aging is something that you should go through with your eyes closed. We spend a lot of time when we’re young trying to make plans and your life is like a sprawl, and it continues to sprawl. But, people develop, your relationships change, and some relationships deepen. That’s actually the beauty of aging—that you get to experience all of this.

Is there a beauty trick that you’ve learned over the years that you will pass onto your daughter?

She’s pretty good with beauty stuff on our own. The one thing I always say is do not touch her eyebrows. Don’t destroy your eyebrows like I did, and countless other women that I know.

Every woman who lived through the ’90s is saying that to their daughter.

Liv has appreciation for makeup and fashion. She doesn’t overdo it. She really wants to play up what she has and to not obliterate it. When you obliterate a face with makeup, you just see the makeup. And I think that’s one thing that’s great about Hourglass and the Ambient Soft Glow Foundation—it looks like skin. That idea that you still want to see a person under all the makeup is one thing I’ll pass on to my daughter.

Ambient Soft Glow Foundation

Hourglass Cosmetics


Is there any type of makeup that helps you get into character? Especially with makeup that shows your skin and enhances your features and attitude—does that help you get into a role?

There are so many ways that we communicate who we are to people. The way we speak, how we do our hair, how we dress, how we make up our face—all of those things allow us to constantly tell the world who we are and how we would like to be perceived. With hair, makeup, and wardrobe in a film, you have endless opportunities to tell your audience about your character, so it’s always really important to me how I communicate my characters.

What are your makeup essentials in your bag right now?

I love this Hourglass Phantom lip gloss that just came out. I reapply it all day because I like it so much. It’s glossy, really emollient, has a really pretty color that’s not overwhelming, and goes with everything. I always like to have a concealer in my bag. I like an eyebrow pencil because, you know, I ruined my eyebrows decades ago like I said. Hourglass has a great brow pencil. Then I like to have a blush. A pink blush color brings life to your face.

Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm



What was it like seeing your daughter in the campaign?

You know what’s crazy? She’s really tall. When we looked at the photographs, especially the way she’s positioned, she looks so much taller than me.

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Are there any beauty tricks that you’ve learned from being on set over the years?

Don’t matte out your skin. Powder is great in terms of controlling shine, but you want to make sure that the camera picks up the light on your face. Plus, you can’t see the texture of your skin, or the color, if you over-mattify.

A makeup artist once told me to mimic your face’s natural emotions when putting on makeup. Like with blush, for example, we smile when applying blush. If you are ever curious about where to put makeup on your face, think about where our face naturally moves.

Is there a beauty style of your many characters that resonates with you?

I did The End of the Affair with Ralph Fiennes, and I loved the beauty. It was very simple, 1940s makeup. I had lashes on the outer corner of my eye, and it didn’t look overdone. I looked very pale and had red-stained lips. I remember I was talking to Ralph one day after shooting and I started peeling off my lashes and pulling them out, and he was like, “They come out?” He thought they were real.

Are you willing to give us the secret on how you keep your hair so vibrant?

I have a great stylist, Vickie Vidov, who has a salon in the West Village, and she’s fantastic. Vickie has been doing my color for a long time. We recently switched to a semipermanent dye. Since I am a natural redhead, I love that this new color fades out naturally, so there’s no demarcation. I always want to maintain my real color, without it looking fake, as it can with hair dye. There was a time when people would pump up redheads, but I always just wanted to look like my own color. But Vickie is amazing, and I love that it’s a local place.

You’ve been an activist for Everytown and sensible gun safety. This is on the minds of everyone right now. What message do you want to send out?

My interest in gun reform and gun safety legislation really came from how I felt as an individual, particularly as a parent. After Sandy Hook happened, I realized that if I didn’t do something or become involved as a citizen, I wasn’t doing my job as a parent. Because that could be any school, and it has been. From concerts to churches to grocery stores—it can be any one of us at any time.

I want to invest in these causes like [Everytown], because I am alive and I care about the work they are doing. I feel so fortunate to get help. Interdependency is one of the most important things that we can explore, we have to lean into that.

Switching gears a bit: What are some books on your bedside table right now?

The Magician by Colm Tóibín.

What’s on your current playlist?

I listen to my yoga teacher’s Spotify playlist. I couldn’t make one myself.

What’s been your favorite place to travel within the past year?

I went bananas this year. I went to Europe four times, which was crazy. But anytime there was an opportunity to go, I went. I was in Milan, I was in Paris, and I was in Venice, and then I went to Cannes. Anytime anybody asked me to travel, I just said yes.

Does your makeup vanity look messy or clean?

It looks pretty clean. I like to keep it pretty organized. I don’t like to get overwhelmed with products, because then I can’t find anything. My newest obsession is to get doubles of products and have it packed in case I need to be ready to go somewhere.

Is there anything that Liv takes from your beauty collection or vice versa?

She takes everything from my beauty stuff. I can never find face wash, makeup remover, cotton pads, mascara—it all migrates to her bathroom when she’s home. In terms of what I’ve taken from her, I’m impressed by how subtle she is with her makeup. She never looks like she has mascara on, but I know she put it on. I’m inspired by her in that way.

Favorite Instagram account to scroll?

There are so many decorators on Instagram. That’s my thing. I really love Ronnie Sassoon. She just put out a book. She posts pictures of her house, furniture, and the food that she makes. Then you realize you’ve started a relationship with somebody you don’t know.

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