December 4, 2023

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Longstanding Stop & Shop Location Permanently Closing, With Another Expected to Follow | Joel Eisenberg

The second closure, as of press time, has yet to be confirmed.

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Wikipedia features a comprehensive and well-attributed overview of the Stop & Shop grocery store chain: The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, known as Stop & Shop, is a regional chain of supermarkets located in the northeastern United States. From its beginnings in 1892 as a small grocery store, it has grown to include 406 stores chain-wide.

Per There are 400 Stop and Shop retail stores in the United States as of January 02, 2023. The state with the most number of Stop and Shop locations in the U.S. is Massachusetts, with 126 retail stores, which is about 32% of all Stop and Shop retail stores in the U.S.

The up-to-date numbers represent a drop-off of six locations since the last-updated Wikipedia entry. Now comes word of a confirmed new location closure, followed by the possibility of another.

Let us explore further.

Stop & Shop, 2023

According to a January 4th article from, entitled “SHUT DOWN: Three Grocery Store Chains Set to Close This Month – Including Two Stop & Shop Locations,” at press time only one of those locations is confirmed despite the piece’s title.

As excerpted from the article: The company plans on closing one store in Brooklyn, New York, with another potential closure in New Jersey. According to Best Life, Stop & Shop confirmed in an email that the store in Brooklyn’s Flatbush will close on January 19. A Food Bazaar store will be replacing that location. While the company has not yet to confirm, some speculate the Highland Park, New Jersey, store will close.

The article went on to state: A spokesperson told Best Life, “A closure date for our Highland Park, NJ store has not been confirmed. These store closures are not indicative of any larger scale plans. Stop & Shop conducts reviews of its business performance on a regular basis, and these stores were identified as underperforming relative to financial expectations.”


It is not unusual, of course, for any such company to close locations due to issues related to underperformance.

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