November 28, 2023

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Lucas Kwan Peterson rates every smoothie at Erewhon

Right on time for summer reading and sipping, this week Lucas Kwan Peterson writes about his visit to Erewhon to try its signature smoothies — and how he finds some elixirs more life-giving than others.

As he says in the piece: “Each of Erewhon’s seven locations has a tonic bar that serves a variety of smoothies, which are the subject of today’s investigation. My research? I tried every smoothie on the menu, minus the make-your-own smoothies and including Hailey Bieber’s $17 Strawberry Glaze Skin Smoothie, launched around the same time as her skincare line, Rhode.”

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He names favorites and not-so-favorites. Among the most intriguing for new initiates might be the Coconut Cloud, an off-menu smoothie dyed the color of a clear-day sky via a spirulina supplement called Blue Majik. It sounds more appealing than the one Lucas rated “pretty sandy and meaty from the blended coconut and pistachios — you’ll definitely have to do some chewing.” Which smoothie ranked highest? Read on.

A hand holds a plastic cup with the word Erewhon, which contains a blue and white smoothie.

Coconut Cloud smoothie from Erewhon.

(Lucas Kwan Peterson / Los Angeles Times)

— “What’s it like to sit down to a $295-per-person, 10-course, fine-dining, weed-infused dinner? We didn’t know either.” That’s how Stephanie Breijo and Adam Tschorn begin their account of a May evening dining at Chris “the Herbal Chef” Sayegh’s members-only Secret Supper Club.

Nathan Solis reports on how rising food and fuel costs are affecting L.A.’s taco vendors, forcing some to ration supplies or raise prices.

Jenn Harris recommends the vegan soft serve at Mother Tongue in Hollywood and the matzo ball ramen at Oy Bar in Studio City.

— After his restaurants Bazaar and Somni closed at the SLS in Beverly Hills in August 2020, José Andrés returns to the L.A. dining scene this week. His ThinkFoodGroup, Breijo reports, will be heading the food and beverage programs at Conrad hotel across the street from Walt Disney Concert Hall.

—If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration this weekend, Ben Mims writes about the garlicky, lemony “Greek-ish” grilled chicken inspired by his post-college years living in Astoria, Queens.

A grilled half-chicken decorated with lemon zest sits atop a bed of french fries.

Ben Mims’ recipe for lemon and oregano half-chicken served over thick-cut fries.

(Silvia Razgova / For The Times)