December 5, 2023

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Malaysian woman urges local Ramadan bazaar sellers to be more sanitary after discovering unclean parts in fried chicken ribs (VIDEO) | Life

A Malaysian woman and her family were shocked to find uncleaned parts in their fried chicken ribs as they were having their Iftar (breaking fast). — Picture via Twitter/Phikasuuu
A Malaysian woman and her family were shocked to find uncleaned parts in their fried chicken ribs as they were having their Iftar (breaking fast). — Picture via Twitter/Phikasuuu

KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 — A Malaysian woman and her family had their breaking of fast meal interrupted after they discovered unclean parts in their fried chicken ribs.

The woman, Syafiqah then took to Twitter to share a series of photos along with a video of the fried chicken ribs that her father bought at a Ramadan bazaar in Selangor recently.

Through the thread on her Twitter, Syafiqah called out local bazaar hawkers to be more sanitary in preparing their food as she and her family were shocked and disappointed to find the insides of the chicken ribs were not cleaned properly.

In the video, she highlighted that the fried chicken’s gizzard was still dirty while the dirt can also be seen spread all over the fried chicken ribs.

“My mum was dissatisfied, so she cut the gizzard to check and yes, it’s true, the gizzard wasn’t even washed. We ended up feeding it to the cats and dogs.

“If you don’t know how to operate a business, please don’t mistreat people this way.

“Pity the parents who tirelessly went to the bazaar after work to buy some food for their families but only for it to turn out like this. For me, this is mistreatment,” she wrote in her tweet.



Aside from the fried chicken ribs, Syafiqah revealed that her father also bought a few ‘Kuih Sagu Kelapa’ from the same seller and claimed it was a bit hard as it was undercooked. 

Syafiqah, who’s from Nilai, emphasised that she did not mean to put the hawkers in a bad light, it was “just too much” for her when it came to cleanliness and quality.

“If this were to happen to your family, would you let them eat it?

“I’m not trying to belittle Muslim sellers nor am I trying to meddle with them earning a living. 

“This is just me sharing as a reminder for all. It’s not nice to treat people this way. I hope local sellers can learn something from all this,” she said.

Syafiqah’s thread has garnered over 10,000 likes and has been retweeted over 1,000 times with most users agreeing with wanting bazaar hawkers to be more vigilant and hygienic in the future.

Some even shared their own experiences while some urged local sellers to take a proper food management course before operating a business.

However, Syafiqah also revealed that there were some users who were angry with her Twitter thread and told her that she should have confronted the seller on her own instead of ranting on social media.

Syafiqah clarified that it was her father who bought the food and he did not want to prolong the issue any longer.

“These tweets are for the sake of awareness for both consumers and sellers. I didn’t want to mention the stall because they’re not the only ones.

“I’m not disappointed by the sellers but I’m disappointed with their attitude when it comes to crucial matters like this,” she said, adding that the responsible authorities should also play their part in monitoring local bazaars.

Although she has received negative feedback on her thread, Syafiqah said that she’s relieved that most of the responses were positive and many had come to show their support.

Syafiqah has since submitted a formal complaint to the Health Ministry’s Public Complaints Management System regarding the unclean fried chicken ribs.