December 1, 2023

Food Bazaar

Get In My Food Bazaar

Oak Bluffs: Fundraiser for Sofia Hart, and holiday bazaar at the P.A. Club

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  –John Lennon

That quote from John Lennon seems to ring especially true around this time of year. We all get so busy with planning, list-making, and trying to get so much done that it’s easy to forget why we are doing it all in the first place! When John Lennon was killed outside his home on Dec. 8, 1980, his son Sean was 5 — the same age as my son. Now, I had loved the Beatles, and John was my favorite. But when he was murdered, all I could think about was that little boy, suddenly losing his father. Especially in such a horrible way, right before Christmas, and with all the media attention. I talked to my son about it, and he drew a picture for Sean Lennon, which we sent in a card to Yoko and Sean. Unbelievably, we received a warm thank-you note, and for several years after we received a Christmas card from them each year. I guess it doesn’t matter who you are — it’s the human connections we make that matter. 

Hanukkah begins at sunset on Dec. 18. The eight-day Festival of Lights is celebrated by lighting a candle each day at dusk, and with special foods, music, and gifts. This commemorates and celebrates the victory of a ragtag group of faith-adhering soldiers called the Maccabees over the larger army of Syrian Greeks, and the miracle that the last of their sacred oil lasted for eight days, giving them light and hope in the darkness.

Happy Hanukkah, Chag Sameach!

Winter officially and astronomically begins on Dec. 21, also known as the winter solstice. It is the shortest day of the year, which brings the good news that the days then start to get longer.

Jingle & Mingle is a holiday gathering hosted by the Democratic Council of M.V. on Friday, Dec. 16, at the Wharf Pub from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Join the fun and meet fellow Democrats; appetizers will be provided, cash bar. RSVP to [email protected], or just stop by! 

There will be a fundraiser for Sofia Hart on Dec. 18 at the Loft from 4 to 10 pm. Sofia has undergone surgery for an irreversible heart condition, and is in need of a heart transplant. If this sounds familiar, the 29-year-old’s twin sister Olivia went through this same process in 2015, and had a successful heart transplant in 2016. It is unimaginable that this family is going through this again. The fundraiser will include a silent auction, raffle, food, and live music by local bands. Sofia is fighting for her life — come on out and support her, and have some fun. For more information, reach out to [email protected]. 

Don’t miss the holiday bazaar at the P.A. Club, this Thursday, Dec. 15, from 3 to 8 pm. And reminder: Featherstone’s Holiday Show is running through the end of this weekend; last day is Sunday, Dec. 18. 

An exciting opportunity for free college credits is being offered through a collaboration between MVCET and Cape Cod Community College. Yes, I said free! MVCET has procured grant funding for students taking early childhood education courses, and Cape Cod Community offers its own grant funding as well. Between the two, these courses and textbooks are paid for, and support services are also offered. For the fall semester, an Island cohort of 10 students took ECE 100: Child Growth and Development, online with a professor from the Cape, and met in person once a week to support each other and get technical help with the course, plus dinner. On Thursday, Dec. 14, there will be a free information session about the courses being offered for the spring semester. If you are interested, please come to the new Early Childhood Center at M.V. Community Services at 6 pm to meet the support team and get more info.

Happy birthday to Mike Marchand on the 15th. Ludwig von Beethoven was born on Dec. 16, and on the 17th, we celebrate the maestro of math, Eve Heyman. Keith Richards will turn 79 on the 18th. On Dec. 19, please light an extra candle for the family of Emma Hall, whom we lost too soon in 2020. Winter solstice birthdays include Bill Jones and new mom Emma Conley. Taylor Rasmussen will celebrate with his inimitable style on the 22nd. He shares that date with another Island celebrity, Diane Sawyer.

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