December 9, 2023

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Two Friends from Manhasset and Amityville Partner to Launch Fresh Healthier Food Options for Pets

A local company Totus Pet Food, founded in South Strathmore Manhasset, is making it easy and convenient for dog owners to provide healthy fresh food for their dogs. Totus Pet Food’s personalized subscription plan offers a unique blend of quality meats that are dog friendly combined with nourishing and wholesome fruits and vegetables to promote healthier, longer lives for dogs. The meals are packed with high quality essential proteins like 100% Certified Angus Beef, organic chicken liver and superfoods bursting with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, carrot, pumpkin seeds, kale, blueberries, and bananas. The food is delivered pre-cooked, ready to serve and is specially prepared for weeks-long freshness in the fridge but can also be frozen.

“I lived here in Manhasset for 25 years and raised my children here. The people of this town are leading the nation in treating their beloved pets as part of the family. With that we are seeing a huge demand from owners who love their dogs and want to provide them with healthy fresh food options that will overall lead to an all-around happier and healthier pet. Their dogs are truly part of their family and their health is as important as any member of the family. Just like us humans, the beginning of great canine health is great canine nutrition. Our carefully selected ingredients are what make Totus the superior daily source of canine superfoods, satisfying the Total Dog. Our customers are happy with the results and mention the food also smells pleasant,” said Totus Pet Food co-founder Michael Gray. “ Our customers are sharing great feedback with us as they are starting to receive their orders. We have had dog owners tell us that they already noticed a better level of energy and stamina. Another customer after receiving their first Totus order said their dog loves it! They haven’t seen him eating any food like he eats the Totus food!” Another customer shared that their 13 year old dog just after three weeks of eating the food, lost the limp he had for 6 months, and can see he’s lost a bit of weight too,” added Gray.

“We wanted to fundamentally reimagine the food we give our dogs. Instead of the harmful effects of inflammation due to high temperature cooking methods, we set about to design a gently cooked food using only the best ingredients that would help our dogs lead healthier, longer lives,” said Totus Pet Food co-founder Rob Collorafi.

Business partners Michael Gray and Robert Collorafi met in Long Island, New York. Michael and Rob, both pet owners, have a passion for making healthy food for their dogs, which led them to start the dog food business. They spent two years consulting with veterinarians, nutritionists and chefs as they developed a precisely balanced, innovative and nutritious fresh dog food formula. Collorafi resides in Long Island, New York. Gray recently moved from Manhasset, New York to Florida. Totus Pet Food headquarters are in Palm Beach County in Loxahatchee, Florida. Delivery is available to areas throughout Long Island including, of course, Manhasset and Amityville.

“Thank you Michael Gray for creating delicious and healthy dog food. My Sandy loves all three varieties. She stands by her food dish looking for more, something she has never done in the 12 years of eating dry kibble. I feel like I have prepared a home cooked healthy meal for her because I know you put your heart and soul in everything you do. I can’t wait to get some more,” said Jen DeSena, North Hempstead town Supervisor, longtime Manhasset resident and friend of the Gray family.

Another friend in Manhasset, Donna Liberta said “Benny, my finicky 9-month-old Cavapoo, was lucky enough to try the chicken, turkey and beef Totus dog food. This food looked and smelled good enough for human consumption. I have known Michael Gray for over 20 years now. He has always treated his dogs with the utmost care and given them optimal nutrition. He has always been committed to healthy nutrition for his pets and he did not disappoint with this product”. Ginny Regan was skeptical if her dog Teddy should move from what she felt was the tried-and-true nutrition of kibbel. After giving it a try, she sent the message that “Teddy loves the food!” and that she could not bring herself to put him back on the kibble.

Michael and Rob’s goal is creating their revolutionary pet food formulas is to give pets healthier, longer lives for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

Totus Pet Food is offering 50% off first delivery. Options include Angus Beef, Tasty Turkey, Juicy Chicken and an option for puppies. For more information or to order a fresh food plan for your dog, please visit or Instagram @totusdog and Facebook @totusdog. For Totus customer feedback please visit