November 28, 2023

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Victoria Secret Model Sofia Jirau’s Career Is Nearly As Mysterious As Her Dating Life

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In the modeling world, there are several gigs that only the most successful people book including walking the catwalk for the top brands and designers. However, the truth of the matter is the vast majority of people have no idea who walks the catwalk at the biggest shows.

On the other hand, there are a few modeling gigs that are so noteworthy that people who don’t care about the business are aware of them. A perfect example of that is making an appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue often makes people want to know more about a model.


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Another modeling gig that can make someone famous overnight is working for Victoria’s Secret. In fact, when you look at the list of models who’ve worked for Victoria’s Secret the most, it is a who’s who of the business.

In 2022, Victoria’s Secret announced that they’d hired a new group of women to model for them. Once the world learned that Sofía Jirau had been tapped to model for Victoria’s Secret a lot of people wanted to know more about her personal life.

How did Sofia Jirau Become A Model?

When Sofía Jirau was only 16 years old, she made her modeling debut when she appeared in a fashion show for designer Wanda Beauchamp. However, it wasn’t until Jirau was 23 that she became a professional model.

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Eventually able to make her New York Fashion Week debut, Jirau went on to appear in the pages of many high-profile fashion magazines. Jirau also became an entrepreneur when she launched Alavett, an online store.

Already highly successful, Jirau’s career went to a whole new level when it was announced she would be the first model with Down syndrome to work for Victoria’s Secret.

In February of 2022, Jirau spoke to NBC News after it was announced that she was going to be working with Victoria’s Secret. During the resulting conversation, Jirau revealed that she hopes to set an example for the world.

“I want to tell the whole world that people with my condition, Down syndrome, inside and out, we have no limits. People who have Down syndrome like me are capable of getting a job, creating their own business, and working hard like me, ” she said o NBC News.

“I’ll tell everyone to just dream. To dream, because every dream can come true.” “You have to work hard, you have to work very hard, and more.”

On top of talking about what she wants other people to understand about people with Down syndrome, Jirau also revealed her lofty goals for the future.

“My next dream is modeling in Europe, Paris, and Italy.” Given what Jirau has accomplished to date, it is very clear that it would be foolish to bet against her accomplishing what she puts her mind to.

Does Sofía Jirau Have A Boyfriend?

During the mid-’90s, Frankie Jirau and Mimi Gonzalez welcomed the second eldest of their four children into the world. Currently in her mid-20s, when Puerto Rico’s Sofía Jirau isn’t taking the modeling world by storm she is busy looking up to her fashion icon, Jennifer Lopez.

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These days, a lot of people of all ages struggle to find someone to share their lives with despite their best efforts. Given how much success Jirau has enjoyed in her career, it likely won’t surprise too many people that her dating life has been going great too.

After initially hinting that she may be in love, Jirau shared the moment that she got a boyfriend on Instagram. What follows is a description of what happened at that moment with the quotes translated from Spanish.

When Jirau was talking to a man named Christopher González during a video call, he asked her to be his girlfriend. In response, Jirau enthusiastically said, “Yes, I do agree to be your girlfriend.” In the moments that followed, González sang to Jirau.

After it was announced that Jirau would be working for Victoria’s Secret, she was interviewed by several major outlets. Thanks to those interviews, a lot was learned about Jirau and González’s relationship and who he is.

Just like Jirau, González is extremely successful. In fact, González is a trained chef, a barista, a retail entrepreneur, and he runs his own food truck. If all of those achievements weren’t impressive enough, González also is the first person with Down syndrome to earn a Puerto Rican driver’s license.

Unfortunately for Jirau and González, their relationship isn’t always easy as they live two hours apart and they keep busy schedules. On the bright side, the couple reportedly typically has nightly video dates that can last up to three hours long.

In the past, Jirau and González’s relationship has been described as an example of love at first sight. While Jirau and González haven’t spoken about their relationship publicly since early 2022, there is no reason to think they’ve split up, or they will anytime soon.