December 4, 2023

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WATCH: Kajang Bazaar Ramadan Seller Shouts & Threatens Customer For Allegedly Blocking Her Stall

Come Ramadhan month, netizens are usually not short of getting interesting content from all the antics of food bazaars operating across the country.

This time around, we stumbled upon a shocking video of a bazaar Ramadan stall owner shouting rudely to customers standing at a neighbouring stall.

Twitter user, @manivarman1204 shared a video of his and his friends’ unpleasant encounter at Bazaar Prima Saujana in Kajang. 


Last Sunday, Manivarman along with his 7 friends decided to visit the bazaar to score some food and drinks.

After a few minutes of looking around, they stopped at an Ayam Gunting stall selling crispy fried chicken but had to wait to order as the stall was already busy with customers.

While waiting for their order, a lady at the next stall suddenly got upset at the group of friends, accusing them of blocking her stall’s view.

This came as a surprise for Manivarman and his friends that did not want to block the bazaar’s main walkway so they stood as close to the fried chicken stall as possible which unfortunately meant that some of them were standing at the edges of the neighbouring stall owned by the angry lady.

“We covered probably only 10% of the stall (only covered ice drinks place)” tweeted Manivarman.

“She rudely told my friend “kalau tak beli dekat sini, belah. Saya sedang berniaga. Saya bayar sewa” and my friend moved…”

The lady seller shouted to Manivarman and his friend to leave her stall as she is trying to do business and that she pays rent for her spot.

Manivarman replied that “you’re paying rent for the store and for you to stand inside, not including the walkway. So I’ll stand anywhere I want and also there’s no one buying from you for me to block the view”

Further escalating the situation, the angry lady then threatened to hit Manivarman using a stick she swats flies with but her husband tried to calm her down.

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Catching the lady shouting on video, Manivarman said she can hit him if she was brave enough and he’d call the police.

It was during this moment that the angry stall owner took an unidentified black object to throw at Manivarman.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Manivarman said that her reaction was “disrespectful”.

“She didn’t have to shout, I would have definitely moved if she had asked politely,” he told us.

He said he didn’t want to make a scene so he and his friends ignored her after she tried to throw things at him.

Manivarman confirmed that he wasn’t really affected by the situation but was surprised at how riled up she was over a small issue.

Watch the video of the incident below!

We’re curious to know how’d you react if this situation happened to you. Let us know in the comments!

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